Collab with Unnati Silks

Hi Guys, I am very excited to share something with you. So I recently came across this authentic brand Unnati Silks, their collection instantly caught my eye and the one thing that is really great about them is that they are still retaining the beautiful, old traditions & art of our country. I am so…

Millenial Pink

Hi guys, How you doing?? I hope you have a great week ahead. Coming to this post which I so wanted to share from a long time. This colour is so hot right now and had also been claimed as the colour of the year in 2017, as the name says its the trend and…

Cute winter oufits

Winter is here and so are cozy outfits, see how I created some cool looks from really simple pieces to survive the winter ❄️

Wear to Work

Fed up of choosing what to wear at work, here are some outfits you can take inspiration from for every occasion and some quick tips to survive your work life

Festive picks

Are you tired of wasting time and money over ethnic outfits for a day? Instead just revamp your old ones and give them a fresh and new look with some really easy tips.

Trip to Goa

Two girls wandering around Goa with absoulte no prior knowledge, An amazing experience, Goa at its best time(Monsoons)